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We love our church because of the wonderful people who help you when you need help. (There are) Friends who care about you and how you are doing in life; always willing to lend a helping hand. We may be small in size, but we are big on love.
-Ray and Rachel Johnson

Why do I feel at home in this church?? 
The love shown to any entering is amazing, years ago when I moved to the area I was looking for a church that preached from the bible. That happens here!
This is a church that is like the one I grew up in with an organ for music and a hymn book for the words. It is like being home with A BIG WARM HUG!  -Marie Payne-Bowman 

 I love our church because they stand with (you) when times are bleak. When I had the stroke Pastor Bowman and Marie came all the way to Kansas City to see me and I am not used to that in a church. The ladies made sure I was fed when I got home from rehabilitation to do more rehab at home. When I could not go or move anywhere, I was getting down. Marie prayed with me and talked with me.
From day one EVERYONE at this church has made me feel welcomed. I am looking forward to getting back. 
-Love Tammy Sage

When I moved to Warsaw 4 years ago, I was looking for a “Church of Christ” congregation to join. Something drew me to Warsaw Christian Church instead. From the first moment I walked in I felt myself surrounded by loving, friendly, caring people. Our pastor, Richard, is a sweet and kind man and he does a wonderful job encouraging us with thought provoking and often humorous sermons. Together we study the Bible and try to apply God’s word to our lives. Please come join us!
-Sara Blacklock

There are no words to describe to spirit that resides within the people of Warsaw Christian Church. I have never felt closer to the Lord than when worshiping there. But it was all brought very close to home when I found that I needed some pretty serious brain surgery. The outpouring of love, prayer and help has been overwhelming. I have no doubt that the fact that my church family was praying for the doctors operating on me made things go so well. This is truly the definition of a Christian church…when everyone steps up for everyone else. I have been so loved by my church family that they truly show me Jesus everyday. Love you, WCC! Richard and Marie are also the very example of what a pastor and wife should be. Join us sometime and you will see what I mean!
~Sandra Schmitt

After we retired to the lake. I checked out a few churches. The sermon Pastor Bowman preached that Sunday & every Sunday that we’re able to attend have touched & strengthened me. I came from a small church background so I enjoy the closeness of our church.
Linda Goodson