It seems like Easter week has come quickly upon us. Here are the events for this week:

1. Tuesday is Board Meeting night, 6 PM.

2. Bible study on the parables of Jesus will continue on Wednesday at 3:30

3. Choir meets at 4:45. This will be our final rehearsal for the Easter Cantata.

4. Our traditional candle light communion service will be on Maundy Thursday at 7 PM. Sermon/meditation will be on the importance of remembering.

5. The 214 hour prayer vigil will be held on Good Friday. We appreciate all those who signed up.

6. Looking ahead the annual chicken and noodle dinner will be on March 28 following the worship service. Everything is provided so just bring your appetite.

7. Easter Cantata on Easter Sunday. The choir has worked hard on this cantata. We are few in number but we pray this sermon in song will bless you.

I want to thank Jack Salyer and Bill Siebert for filling in for me the two Sundays we were gone. Thanks also to Jack and Mark Simmons for filling in for Wednesday Bible study.  I will complete series from the Book of Titus on April 28. Then on May 5th I will be preaching an important message entitled, “What Happens to Disobedient Christians.” We will be looking at 3 important consequences that follow when we are disobedient to the will of God. God does not ignore disobedient Christians and it is important that we know how He will react.  

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