The big event this week is the annual FCW Guest Day on Wednesday. Our ladies have a wonderful program with lots of delicious food. It is a time when all our encouraged to invite a guest. The men (FCM) will meet next Tuesday May 7th for their regular monthly meeting. This is the final meeting of the year for both groups until September. 

Our Wednesday Bible study will complete our study of the parables of Jesus. We will be looking at John 15 when Jesus spoke of the vine and the branches. Next week we will begin a study of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. 

The sermon on Sunday will explore the theme, “What Happens to Disobedient Christians?” Some get the idea that since we are saved by grace, once we receive the free gift of salvation our daily behavior does not matter very much. There are some definite consequences that will come to us when we disobey God.  We can hide bad behavior from other humans, but not from God. Disobedient Christians do not necessarily lose their salvation but there are negative consequences that result when we turn away from doing God’s will. Obedience to God is always the best choice, and the choice that will lead to a very meaningful and joyful life. 

Pastor Bowman

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