Marie and I will be out of town this weekend attending grandson Joshua Hoffman’s high school graduation festivities in Rolling Meadows, IL. Mark Simmons will be preaching his first sermon this Sunday. I know he will appreciate your support and encouragement. We will be leaving on Friday and returning on Tuesday, 6/25. Wednesday Bible studies will continue as usual with our study of the sermon on the Mount. This week we will be looking at what Jesus says about adultery and divorce.

A reminder that Marie is doing the Courier this week. Send her any family or church news for the Courier.

Looking ahead. We are going to try another summer movie night on Thursday evening, July 18. We will have a sandwich supper at 5:30. Sandwiches provided. Brings salads, deserts, DEVILED EGGS! or whatever you think will go with sandwiches. The movie will be shown around 6 PM and it is one we all need to see. The title is “Tortured for Christ.” It is the true story of Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian pastor imprisoned and tortured by the communist for 14 years. When he was finally released he started the ministry, “Voice of the Martyrs.” While Pastor Wurmbrand is no longer alive, this ministry continues to reach out to Christians suffering persecution all over the world. I encourage everyone to see this film.

Pastor Bowman

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