On Sunday I will continue the series on “Prayer According to the Will of God.” The basic text is Psalm 66:16-20. The emphasis in this series is not only must the prayer request be in harmony with God’s will, but the one praying must also be in harmony with God’s will.

Bible study at 3;30 followed by choir as usual.

There are two sign up sheets on the bulletin board. One is for the annual Christmas show in Osage Beach Dec, 15 at 3:pm. We will leave after church to attend the program.
There is also a sign up sheet for the Bowman’s annual Christmas dinner at little Papa Joe’s on Monday, Dec. 9th at 5:30. We invite our entire church family to join us for some great food, fun and fellowship.

Men’s group meets tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8 AM. Women’s group meets Wednesday at 9:30. Church Thanksgiving Dinner, Nov. 24 at 5:30.

Christmas for Kids ministry is now active. Bring toys to place under the small Christmas tree.

Pastor Bowman

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