This Sunday’s sermon will focus on Isaiah’s prophecy, especially focusing on the word “wonderful.” The Hebrew word is a much stronger word than our English word “:wonderful.” When Isaiah said the Messiah would be called “wonderful” he said a mouth full!

Wednesday Bible study at 3:30 will continue the study in the Book of Isaiah. Mark Simmons will be our leader. Choir will follow at 4:45. Since Christmas and New Year’s Day are both on a Wednesday this year Bible study and choir will be postponed for two weeks.

FCW is also moved back a week to January 8th. FCM will meet on January 7th.

Nine of us attended the Main Street Music Hall Christmas program in Osage Beach Sunday. The roads were wet but no ice or snow to speak of. As usual, they put on an inspiring and entertaining performance. For those who did not go and have tickets, if you go this Sunday you will have to go to the ticket booth to exchange your tickets. If you can’t go Sunday you can pick another date or even use the tickets for next year’s show. Or, you can obtain a refund. If you have any questions call Main Street Music Hall. They are very accommodating.

We will have our annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service at 7 PM.

Pastor Bowman

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