Wow, we made it through another year. In 1950 I was 14 years old and I remember wondering if I would be alive in the year 2000. 64 years old sounded real old! Well, I made it to the year 2000, and even on to 2020.

This Sunday we will install our 2020 officers (elders, deacons and board members) during morning worship. Sermon title is “Saved By The LIght,” Text Isaiah 60:1-6. Light is one of the primary symbols for God’s presence.

Men’s group meets at 8 AM on Tuesday. Women’s group meets on Wednesday at 9:30 AM. Bible study resumes on Wednesday at 3:30 followed by choir at 4:45.

Church Board meets on Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 6 PM.

May this be a blessed year for our church family. And if trials come your way in 2020, cling to Jesus and remember His promises that all who believe in Him will never perish but have everlasting life; and He will be with you always, through the good times and the bad times.

Pastor Bowman

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