Easter has come and gone. Our church was as empty as Jesus tomb – – – well, not quite as empty. We had 21 people come for our individual 3 minute communion service. While we regret our empty church, we rejoice in the empty tomb. Our Savior was resurrected, and because He lives, we too shall live. Because of Jesus, life is still good no matter what.

We will also serve communion next Sunday in the sanctuary from 9 to 11 AM for any and all who wish to come. Otherwise, all group gatherings at the church continue to be on hold. This forced separation has made me appreciate even more how much I appreciate the church and our Sunday gathering. I miss our Sunday worship service and Sunday school so much! I know you join with me in prayer that this virus will soon be gone.

We do have room for 6 more people to meet at the church on 4/24 for the DHF webinar from noon to 2 PM. . Let me know if you plan to join us.

I will be announcing the answers and winner(s) from our “Guess Who” contest early this afternoon. There is still time to enter your guess and win the phenomenal prize of a $10 gift certificate from Subway!

Blessings and the peace of Christ be with you all.
Pastor Bowman

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