(Apologies for the delay in posting!)

We continue to do our best to cope with COVID 19. I thought the virus was subsiding, and then it seemed to roar back with a vengeance. Thankfully, so far, none of our members have caught it. We continue to rely on God’s grace with gratitude.

Bill Siebert will be our guest speaker this Sunday. Bill has filled in for me numerous times when Marie and I were on vacation. Now Bill is moving to Kansas. We wanted to express our gratitude to him before he leaves. We will be taking a special love offering for him on Sunday. We want to let Bill know how much we appreciate his service to our congregation. I will be here to lead the worship service.

The church board will meet Tuesday at 6 PM. We will be reviewing our present practices to see if any changes need to be made. I will continue with daily devotions for now. We still have several families who do not feel safe to come to church. We don’t want anyone coming to church unless they feel safe. The daily devotions give us a means to stay in touch.

We had to purchase a new air conditioner for the sanctuary. The old one was installed in the late 1980s, and it finally gave up the ghost. The new unit costs $3500. Thanks to Drew Stowe and crew for their quick work, and to Drew for donating his labor. That saved us quite a bit.

I hope and pray all will have a great week! May God’s grace and mercy be with you all.
Pastor Bowman

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