Marie’s daily verse:Psalm 71:5For You are my hope, O LORD God; You are my trust from my youth.

DEVOTION, Oct. 5, Tuesday, God’s gifts

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).  

Whenever fear overtakes us, we know one thing for sure, that God did not give us that spirit. If fear does not come from God, then who? Could it be, Satan? Paul is speaking to Timothy and to all Christians, reassuring us that fear does not come from God. We understand that God has redeemed us freely by His grace through Jesus Christ, and therefore we have nothing to fear because God is on our side. John MacArthur writes, “The threat of Roman persecution, which was escalating under Nero, the hostility of those in the Ephesian church who resented Timothy’s leadership, and the assaults of false teachers with their sophisticated systems of deceptions may have been overwhelming Timothy. But if he was fearful, it didn’t come from God.”

Paul mentions three blessings we do receive from God. Power, the power to live a Christian life. The power to serve Jesus. Love also comes from God. The Holy Spirit gives us a deep love for God and for others. God’s love is poured into our hearts and shines out to touch the lives of others. He also gives us a sound mind. Christians think clearly because they are in a relationship with God. As long as we are living by the Word of God, we are not mentally confused. All of this is wonderful, but there is a caveat which we will look at tomorrow.

Blessed Father, thank you for delivering us from fear, and thank You for the good gifts You give us. May those good gifts be present in my daily life. May I reflect daily the power of God, the love of God, and a sound mind, that others may be drawn to the Savior. In His name, I pray, Amen. 

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