We continue to do the best we can with the Covid restrictions. I believe everyone in the sanctuary Sunday wore a mask. Attendance is way down but that is understandable. We continue to ask God to lift this virus from the world.

Bible study continues at 3:30 on Wednesday. We will be exploring the important topic of the church and its relationship to discipleship.

This Sunday Marie and I will be on vacation. Mark Simmons will bring the message.

I continue writing daily devotions as a means to stay in touch with those who cannot attend church. I hope they are helpful.

On October 25th we will observe Reformation Sunday, taking a break from the series on John’s Gospel. We will take another look at Martin Luther, a topic we examine every year on Reformation Sunday.

The annual trip tp Osage Beach for their Christmas show has been canceled. They will not have a Christmas show this year due to the Coronavirus. Bummer!

Also, Marie and I have sponsored an annual Christmas dinner to express our appreciation to the congregation for many years. That dinner has also been canceled unless there is a miracle between now and Christmas!
Stay safe, everyone. Trust Jesus and whatever happens He will be with you.

Pastor Bowman

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