Marie’s daily verse:Job 42:2Then Job answers the Lord and said.’I know that You can do everything and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You. ‘

DEVOTION, Nov. 17, Church #3

I believe in the church. Remove the influence of the church from my life, and there would be little left.  I grew up in the church, and the church has always been an integral part of my life.  Yes, the church has faults, but it is also a loving, caring community.  I believe in the church.

The work I did with Disciple Renewal brought me some national attention in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), not all of it positive.  If you were to go through my correspondence file for those years, you would find quite a few letters which attack and insult my integrity.  Not everyone approved of our efforts to move the denomination back to its Christ-centered, Bible-based roots.  When people misunderstand your motives, and you come under attack, that is painful.  I never got used to it.  I was able to cope partly through the love and support of family and the church. I believe in the church.

Have Christians ever disappointed me? Yes, that has happened. We are all imperfect human beings even though we trust in Jesus. Has Jesus ever disappointed me? Never! I will never abandon His church because the church is not perfect. I can put up with the church’s imperfections because, despite everything, the church brings me closer to Jesus. I believe in the church.

The fellowship of the church means everything to me.  The church has supported me with her love and prayers over the years. I could give many examples of how the church has sustained me through difficult days.  I believe in the church, and I hope you do too. 

Our Father and our God, may Your name be blessed and honored. You have been with me through all the years of my life. I have known Your love and presence in particular through the Church of Jesus Christ.  Thank You for surrounding my life with Christian brothers and sisters. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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