Thanksgiving Sunday has come and gone. I missed our annual Thanksgiving dinner. I am thankful to know that a Covid-19 vaccine is on the way. I am also thankful that no one in our congregation has caught the virus from attending church.

I have changed my preaching plans and will begin an advent-Christmas series next Sunday. The Genesis series I announced earlier will have to wait until next year. I think we need to focus our attention on the blessings we have because Jesus came.

Wednesday Bible study has been canceled until after the first of next year.

We are planning to have a Christmas eve service this year. Let Marie know if you want to purchase a poinsettia in memory of a loved one. Remember Christmas for kids and the FCW while elephant sale which this year consists of a financial contribution.

Jack and Nancy Salyer address: 300 SE 27th Street # 23, Oak Grove, MO 64075
Paul Springs address: 200 Meadowbrook Drive, Apt. 124, Kearney, MO 64060

Thank you for your continuing support of our church through your prayers and offerings even when you are not physically present. Stay healthy everyone! Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Bowman

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