We continue our Coronavirus schedule. Church at 10:00 AM, no Sunday School. While our attendance is way down I think it is important to hold services every Sunday. So far, no one has gotten the virus from attending church services. For those who don’t feel safe coming to church we understand. We all hope and pray for a return to normalcy soon. Fortunately, the mortality rate for Covid 19 is less than 1/2 of 1% (Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University). And it looks like a vaccine will be available soon.

Sunday’s sermon will focus on Advent. The sermon title is, “Listen Up for an Important Announcement.” (Luke 2:8-20). Reminder, we will have a Christmas Eve service this year.

Men’s group meets tomorrow morning (Monday, 12/1) at 8 AM. Women’s group meets Tuesday at 9:30 for their annual Christmas tea.

Next Sunday, December 6, is the last Sunday to contribute gifts or money to Christmas for Kids. White elephant donations are accepted until December 15.

Foor donations are being collected for the John Boise Middle School pantry. It helps students in need of assistance.

Thanks to Marie Bowman and Marvin and Marcia Nutt for decorating the sanctuary for Christmas. It looks beautiful.

Remember those in need of prayer.
Pastor Bowman

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