We continue operating on a reduced basis. We had 21 in attendance at our Christmas Eve service, and 20 attended church yesterday. Thank God no one has come down with covid from attending church. Thanks again to Marie for all the disinfecting she does before church. We all look forward to the time when we can return to normal. Perhaps the vaccines will help us reach that goal.

Next Sunday I will begin a sermon series from the Book of Genesis, beginning with the creation theme. Are we living in an accidental world that came into being without a Creator, or did everything begin with God? The sermon title is “Big Bang or Big God?”

Looking ahead a week, the FCM will meet at 8 AM January 5th and the FCW will meet at 9:30 January 6th. Our first official board meeting for 2021 will be on Tuesday, January 12.

Marie and I are praying for a Happy New Year for our wonderful church family.
Pastor Bowman

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