We have been holding church services through most of the pandemic and so far no one has gotten sick from attending church. We thank God and continue to pray for His protection. While attendance is way down that is understandable. We have families with health conditions who do not want to take unnecessary chances. We look forward to seeing everyone again when this pandemic is over. 2020 is a year to remember and a year to forget!

Board members, remember we meet tonight (Monday, 1/11) at 6 PM. We have several important items to discuss. As usual, we will wear masks and socially distance.

Wednesday Bible study will continue our focus on discipleship. I believe we will have an interesting discussion concerning what we expect following Christ will bring to us, and what the Bible actually says we can expect as Christians. Of course, all are welcome and we will be wearing masks and socially distancing.

On Sunday, January 17th, we continue the sermon series from Genesis. Our focus will be on Cain and Able.

May you all have a blessed, Covid free week.

Pastor Bowman

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