I know we are all thankful that the weather is moderating. Last week was brutal. Hopefully, that was winter’s last gasp. At least we were able to have church on Sunday.

Tomorrow and Wednesday we will have a special spiritual treat! Ozark Christian College will be doing their annual preaching-teaching conference via zoom. We will be able to participate in the conference at the church. Tuesday (2/23) begins at 9AM. Morning session ends at 11:30. Sessions resume at 2PM and end at 3PM. The first speaker at 9:00 AM is one of my favorites, Bob Russell. His theme is “The Bible Still Speaks.” Then Dr. Jason Poznich will speak on “God Still Reigns,” followed by Dr. Frank Smith speaking on “Jesus still Saves.” The Tuesday afternoon session consists of workshops.

Wednesday sessions begin at 9 AM with another of my favorite speakers, Shane Wood speaking on “The Spirit Still Empowers.” Two more speakers will follow. Wednesday afternoon will feature OCC President Matt Proctor giving his annual president’s address. Matt is also an outstanding speaker.

There is no cost to any who wish to attend any or all of these sessions. You may come and go as you please.

At 3:30 on Wednesday we will begin a new Bible study on DVD entitled “The Last Days of Jesus,” a special lenten/Easter study. The 6 sessions will feature 6 prominent teachers from around the country. Student books will be available for each attendee at no cost.

On Sunday, Feb. 28 the series on Genesis continues with “Abraham” being the theme. He is referred to in Scripture as the father of our faith. We will look at several elements in his faith as examples for us to follow.

Praying for a wonderful week for our church family.
Pastor Bowman

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