I forgot to update you on my daughter, Cindy, yesterday. Bad dad! Anyway, thank you to all who asked about her condition. Her surgery was successful and she is out of ICU. She called us on Saturday and was in a lot of pain but improving. Thank you for your prayers.

Tomorrow night is our monthly board meeting (Tuesday, March 9) at 6 PM.

Wednesday Bible study will continue our video series on the last week of Jesus life. This week we will focus on Jesus entry into Jerusalem. We meet at 3:30 for about an hour.

The next two Sundays will be a transition time leading up to a series on the Thessalonian epistles. This Sunday, March 14 I will be doing an important sermon on salvation. It is a topic I have focused on often over the years. What I will attempt to do is to distinguish between trusting Jesus as Savior and trusting Him as Lord. We do both, but there is a difference that impacts our understanding of salvation. Who is really a true Christian? I hope to shed some light on that question.

Blessings on all our church family. With the coming vaccinations, I look forward to seeing many of you who have not felt safe to come to church. The virus is still with us but the end is in sight

Pastor Bowman

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