Our church board met last Tuesday and discussed the Coronavirus. We are pleased that many in our church have been vaccinated. However, the virus is still with us, and for now, no changes in our services will be made. We will continue disinfecting the sanctuary and fellowship hall before services. We will continue to practice social distancing. Masks are recommended in the sanctuary and required for those in the fellowship hall. We look forward to achieving herd immunity soon. This church survived the Civil War, and we will survive Covid 19!

Bible study on Wednesday at 3:30. We continue our video series on Jesus’ last week. The emphasis will be on Jesus washing the feet of His disciples.

This Sunday, I will be doing a first-person sermon on “Demetrius the Silversmith.” His story is found in Acts 19:23-41. The following Sunday is Palm Sunday, followed by Easter. I will be sharing sermons prepared a year ago but canceled because of the virus. Better late than never!

We will have a candlelight communion service on Maundy-Thursday at 7:30 PM. We still need more sign-ups for the Good Friday 24 hour prayer vigil.

May you all have a week blessed by the presence of God!
Pastor Bowman

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