It was wonderful to celebrate Easter in church again after missing last year. While the virus is still with us most of our members have been vaccinated. This gives us much more freedom, praise God! Those vaccinated need not wear masks unless in a business where masks are required. I hope our church attendance will rise to pre-pandemic levels soon. I haven’t seen some of you for over a year and I miss you!

The FCM men’s group will meet Tuesday at 8 AM. The FCW women’s group will meet Wednesday at 9:30.

The FCW is collecting donations for the No Bake Bake Sale through April 30. They will have a garage sale with lunch on April 24. Donations accepted (no clothes please).

Bible study is canceled for April and will resume on May 5th with a DVD study titled, “Church History Made Easy” featuring Dr. Timothy Paul Jones.

The sermon on 4/11 is titled, “God’s Amazing Grace.” We will consider the text from 1 John 5:9-12.

The following Sunday I will begin a series on the Ten Commandments. We last explored that subject 8 years ago so it seemed like it was time to visit the topic again. I am working on updating and revising the series from 8 years ago.

May you all have a blessed week. Trust Jesus and you will!
Pastor Bowman

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