Our attendance is gradually creeping up as virtually all attending have been vaccinated. Thank you all for keeping our church alive with your prayers and gifts during the pandemic. The virus is still with us and we will continue to follow CDC guidelines for the foreseeable future. We rejoice that no one has been infected by attending church!

Tuesday evening (4/13) is our monthly board meeting. We have several important items to discuss.

Remember the no-bake bake sale through April 30. The small church-bank at the rear of the sanctuary is for donations.

The FCW garage sale is on April 24 from 8 AM to 2 PM. Donations are still being accepted (no clothing please).

Marie and I will be attending the Disciple Heritage Fellowship Conference in Decatur, IL April 20-25. Sandy Schmitt will be our guest speaker on 4/25.

Next Sunday I will begin a sermon series on the Ten Commandments. It has been about 9 years since we last covered that topic. Sunday’s sermon will be “An Introduction to the Ten Commandments.” The text is Matthew 5:17-20 where Jesus discussed the Law of God. Since we are saved by faith do we even need the Ten Commandments? We will be discussing the difference between moral law, case law, and religious law, and how the law worked in a theocracy. On May 1st I will be preaching on the First Commandment.

May God grant to all a very blessed week.
Pastor Bowman

(I apologize for the late post. ~Sam Henley)

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