Although our attendance is down we continue to worship God every Sunday morning. On Sunday we resumed Sunday School! It felt good to resume that activity. Adult Sunday School meets at 9:00 to 9:45 in the sanctuary followed by morning worship at 10:00 AM. While several of our members have had covid we have had no deaths due to the virus, and no one caught the virus at church. God be praised for His goodness and mercy. We hope to see everyone back soon. Financially we continue to do well. I know we are all hoping that life will soon be back to normal.

The men (FCM) meet at 8 AM on Tuesday (May 4th) for our regular monthly breakfast meeting.
The ladies (FCW) meet on Wednesday (May 5th) at 10:30 for their annual spring salad luncheon.

Wednesday Bible study resumes this week. We will begin a DVD study entitled “Church History Made Easy” featuring Timothy Paul Johnson. We will learn why a basic understanding of church history is important. We will see how God had sustained the church through the centuries in times of crisis. The first lesson addresses the first 100 years of the church and the two crises that impacted the church. Of course, all are welcome.

For Mother’s Day Sunday I will continue the series on the Ten Commandments. I will be jumping ahead to the 5th Commandment, “Honor Your father and mother.” Then the following Sunday we will return to the correct order, focusing on the 2nd commandment.

Have a wonderful week!
Pastor Bowman

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