When the pandemic began we canceled church for several months. I began sending sermons to everyone on my church list. Since church services resumed I continued sending the manuscript version of the sermon to everyone. Since many of you are back in church and have heard the sermon I will stop mailing it to everyone. If you want to continue receiving the manuscript version via email I will add you to my sermon list. If I do not hear from you, you will no longer receive the weekly sermon via email. FYI, the manuscript version of the sermon is often very different than what you hear in the pulpit as I preach from an outline and sometimes say things that are not in the manuscript or omit things that are in the manuscript. For those who have still not returned to church I will keep sending the sermon. I hope all this makes sense!

Board members will meet on Tuesday at 6:00 PM.
Wednesday Bible Study meets at 3:30. We will continue our study of church history. We will be examining how the early church struggled to define the exact nature of Jesus.

On Sunday, May 16 I will continue the series on the Ten Commandments. We will be examing the 2nd command regarding images in the church.

Walk with Jesus and have a wonderful week!
Pastor Bowman

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