Just a reminder that Sunday School has resumed. Adults meet at 9 AM in the sanctuary. Children are upstairs. Church begins at 10 AM. Marie continues to disinfect the sanctuary.

Please pick up a baby bottle and fill it with money to help Crossroads Family Ministry. Crossroads ministers to women who struggle with unwanted pregnancies.

Bible study meets Wednesday at 3:30 PM continuing the study on church history. We have learned that for the first 300 years the church faced persecution. Once that ended the struggle to define what is central to the Christian faith began. Last week we focused on the Arian controversy leading to the Council of Chalcedon. This week the struggle to define the faith continues in the dispute between Augustine and Pelagius.

Remember the church picnic at the Bowman’s on June 13 after church. I learned that there is a plan on that Sunday to recognize the 60th anniversary of my ordination. I was ordained to the ministry on June 4th, 1961. I have never regretted that decision to enter the ministry.

Sunday we continue the series on the Ten Commandments. I will be speaking on the 4th commandment concerning the Sabbath. It is one of the most difficult commandments to relate to today but I will try!

God bless you all and be safe! Pastor Bowman

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