It was great having Lynn and Dori Cazier with us Sunday to share about their missionary work in Kenya. FYI their transmission went out yesterday and the local shop cannot get to it for several weeks. They will pick up a loaner car in Sedalia on Wednesday so they can get to their daughter who is expecting. Thank you for your generous offering for the Caziers. They will be needing it!

A reminder that Bible study will start at 3 PM on Wednesday. Please remember the time change. We will continue our study of church history. The theme this week is “Post Reformation Growing Pains.”

The series on the Ten Commandments will be interrupter Sunday to focus on the July 4th theme “God Blesses Faithful Nations.” We will examine the 10th commandment on July 11th. On July 18th I will be sharing some final thoughts regarding the Ten Commandments. Then I will begin a new series from the Book of Proverbs.

May God’s love and grace surround you this week.
Pastor Bowman

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