THIS WEEK AT WARSAW CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 9/20 Thru 9/26 Wednesday Bible Study at 3 PM. We will continue our study of the Gospel of John.  Sandy Schmitt is doing an excellent job as our adult Sunday School Teacher. You will be blessed by her teaching but only if you attend!  On Sunday, Justine Barb will be sharing a message. We are very proud of Justine and Jayln Barb. Both are great athletes and strong Christians. Be sure to support Justine this Sunday.  The sermon on October 3 will be entitled “Simplicity or Complexity? The Christian message is both simple and complex. We will be examining those two aspects of the Gospel.  Don’t forget this is Courier week. Any news you want to go into the Courier should be in Marie’s hands by Wednesday.  Please remember to pray for our nation. We have lots of trouble in the land today.  Have a blessed week .Pastor Bowman

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