Enjoy Heritage Days this weekend.  Tuesday is Board meeting. Please note the time change. We will begin at 5:30.  Wednesday Bible study at 3 PM will continue our study in the Gospel of John.  Pastor Gee will be preaching this Sunday, Oct. 17.  The new downstairs office is nearing completion. Many thanks to Marvin and those who have helped him in this project. When it is completed I will need help in moving my “stuff” from upstairs to downstairs. I will let you know when we have a day scheduled for moving. Volunteers will be needed.  Reminder: f you wish to receive a Covid vaccine, our church can assist you. Beginning October 19th (Tuesday), our church will be a site where one can receive a Covid shot. On that date from 10 AM to 2 PM nurses from Katy Trail will be here to administer vaccinations. Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson vaccines will be available, including Pfizer booster shots. The vaccination program will continue every Tuesday from 10 to 2 for six weeks ending on November 23rd. Call Marie if you have questions. May God bless you all, Pastor Bowman

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