This will be an active week at our church. 

The men’s group (FCM) will meet at 8 AM on Tuesday, 11/2. Marvin is hoping we will have enough help to relocate the pastor’s office after the meeting. If you do not attend FCM but want to help move stuff from upstairs to downstairs please come at 9 AM. 

We will again offer covid vaccines at our church on Tuesday from 10 AM to 2 PM thanks to Katy Trial. . There is no charge. All three vaccines are available along with boosters. 

The women’s group will meet on Wednesday at 9:30 AM with a special speaker on Haiti. 

Wednesday Bible study at 3 PM will continue our study in the Gospel of John. 

Remember to set your clock back on Saturday. Daylight savings time ends. 

On Sunday, Nov. 7 the Cornwell Twins will be visiting us again with their special music. 

May your week be filled with the blessings of God.

Pastor Bowman

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