THIS WEEK AT WARSAW CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 11/8/21 THRU 11/14/21Houston, we have a problem! A ceiling tile came crashing down just before church Sunday. It made a loud crash and a big mess. Fortunately, no one was under it and no one was hurt. We will have to have a building inspector examine our pre-Civil War sanctuary. I will keep you posted. I think the consensus is that the brick wall is covered with stucco and the stucco broke loose and fell on the ceiling tile. The new downstairs pastor’s office was completed on Tuesday. Thanks to Marvin for all the remodeling work he did, and to the men’s group for moving all my stuff downstairs into the new office. We were blessed by the ministry of the Cornwell Twins Sunday. Covid vaccines will continue to be offered at the church from 10 AM to 2 PM on Tuesday. No charge. Tuesday will be our monthly board meeting at 6 PM.   It looks like there will be much to discuss. We will have Wednesday Bible study at 3 PM. Let us pray that our sanctuary does not have serious structural damage. Have a blessed week.Pastor Bowman

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