Marie’s daily verse: Psalm 22:22I will declare your name to my people. In the assembly I will praise you. 

DAILY DEVOTION, Nov. 22, 2021

You people there are leaders in so many ways—you have so much faith, so many good preachers, so much learning, so much enthusiasm, so much love for us. Now I want you to be leaders also in the spirit of cheerful giving. (2 Corinthians 8:7, TLB). )

Someone has said, “The last thing to be converted is the pocketbook.” Paul praises the Corinthians for their faith, preaching, learning, enthusiasm, and love. High praise from the great Apostle. The Corinthians were wonderful spiritual leaders in so many ways. We know from 1 Corinthians that this was a church with problems. It seems that they had matured greatly in the faith when Paul wrote 2 Corinthians. Their only weakness was in giving. Apparently, they were somewhat stingy when it came to supporting the church financially.

Paul advocates cheerful giving. We Christians are so blessed by God and all He has done for us that we cheerfully share our financial resources to promote the work of Christ. At least that is the ideal. The financial needs of this church are fully met and have been for years. I am thankful for that, but there are so many other Christian causes worthy of our support. If you would like to bless other ministries but are unsure who to support, give me a call. I have a long list of suggestions.

Father, thank you for the way You bless us and meet our needs. Thank You that our little church is well supported by the congegation. Open our eyes to see other Christian causes we might support to increase our faithfulness to Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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