Last Sunday was the first Sunday in Advent. I am always excited when the Christmas Season begins. I love celebrating the birth of our Savior. 

A reminder that Wednesday Bible Study will resume on January 5th when we will begin a study on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.  I have two more sermon’s in the series on faith. On December 5th we will be looking at the relationship between faith and forgiveness. I have preached on this theme before but it bears repeating. Nothing undercuts faith more than an unforgiving spirit. On Dec. 12th the series will conclude with an examination of the relationship between faith and praying/living in Jesus’ name. 

On 12/19 I will do a repeat of a Christmas sermon. I will be doing a first-person sermon speaking for Simeon, an old man who saw the Christ child. 

FCW will enjoy a Christmas tea at Debra Barb’s home on Dec. 1st. 

FCM will enjoy their monthly breakfast on Dec. 7th at 8 AM. All men are invited. 

Our annual Christmas Eve service will involve another first-person repeat: A Shepherd’s Story. What was it like for those shepherds who saw the baby Jesus? 

Our Bowman annual Christmas Dinner at Lil Papa Joe’s will be on Monday, Dec. 13th. All members, visitors, and spouses are invited. It is our chance to say “thank you” to our wonderful congregation. 

The Christmas for Kids program ends on Dec. 5th. Bring children’s gifts to the church or give a check to Jackie. 

Our Christmas Fellowship dinner we be on Dec. 12th following our church service. 

The Main Street Music Hall annual Christmas show will be on Dec. 19th at 3 PM.  This is a wonderful family Christmas show with great music and lots of comedy. The deadline to sign up is 12/12. You can sign up by sending me an email. Presently we have 17 planning to attend. 

If you want to hear some beautiful Christmas music in German the Cole Camp German Choir Christmas program is on Dec. 5th at 7 PM at St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Cole Camp.  Tom and I both enjoy singing with the choir. There is lots of good food to enjoy following the program. 

FYI, our vaccination program is over. Katy Trail vaccinated 83 persons in our church. It was a privilege to provide this service to our community

Happy Advent season to all, 

Pastor Bowman

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