THIS WEEK AT WARSAW CHRISTIAN CHURCH. 1/31 THRU 2/6, 22Another heart-stopping game yesterday which unfortunately did not go well for the Chiefs. It was a reminder that there are two halves in a football game and you have to play well in both halves. There is a Christian lesson here as well. Our commitment to Christ must not be an on-again-off-again situation.  Being a Disciple of Jesus is a full-time job. The FCM men’s group meets tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8 AM.FCW women’s group meets Wednesday at 9:30 AMBible study Wednesday at 2:30 PM. With possible bad weather due on Wednesday there may be cancelations. Please check with me or Pastor Gee before venturing out. Sunday I will continue the series on Romans. We will focus on Romans 3:1-6 on God’s way of saving the wicked. Pastor Gee’s sermon on the Bible last Sunday was top-notch. We are all blessed that he wandered into our church! Grace, mercy, and peace be with you all. And be careful on Wednesday! Pastor Bowman

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