At long last, we seem to be getting some beautiful weather. May it continue. This week at church should be a bit quieter than last week!

Wednesday Bible study will continue our examination of the Book of Ephesians. Ephesians abounds with wonderful spiritual truths. Of course, all are welcome.

Sandy’s grief group meets on Thursday at 2 PM. 

Sunday’s sermon series on the Book of Romans continues. This week we will be looking at “Paul’s Four Crucial Questions.” The text is Romans 10:14-17. 

The following Sunday Tom will be sharing a message focused on Memorial Day. If you have served in the military, police, or other first responders please bring a part of your uniform or other mementos of your service for display.  

Don’t forget to fill a baby bottle with money to help the ministry of Crossroads. 

May God be with you this week.

Pastor Bowman

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