October 2-9 This Week


With all the drugs and crime in our society, I was blessed on Sunday to hear the Christian testimony of Justine and Jayln Barb. I am encouraged to know that we have such strong Christian teenagers in our church. 

 FCM meets at 8:00 AM tomorrow (Tuesday) for breakfast and fellowship.

FCW meets at 9:30 on Wednesday. They have a special guest speaker. All ladies are invited.

Wednesday Bible study at 2 PM. We will wrap up our study on praying according to the will of God. The following Wednesday, Tom resumes the study on “Ten Questions to Diagnose your Spiritual Health.” 

On Sunday, B.J. Leonard will teach in Sunday School and bring the message during the worship service. B.J is our new missionary to Kenya, replacing Lynn and Dori Cazier. 

Following our morning worship, we will enjoy a ham and bean dinner. Ham and beans and cornbread provided. Bring a dish to share. 

Have a blessed week (Proverbs 3:6-7). 

Pastor Bowman

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