Marie’s daily verse: Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day (Psalm 25:4-5). 

DAILY DEVOTION, October 12, 2022

In him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise (Ephesians 1:13).

In one verse Paul gives us the essence of how we receive salvation. First, we must hear the word of truth. God has graciously spoken to us in his inspired word. There we learned that Jesus Christ is our Savior who atoned for our sins on the cross. After we hear the word of truth, our response is to believe or not believe. Those who believe the gospel receive salvation. Many hear and do not believe. The consequences of rejecting Jesus are too awful to contemplate. Those who hear the good news about Jesus and believe in him receive the forgiveness of sins, everlasting life, and all the other benefits of the gospel.

Once we respond to the word of truth with faith a wonderful thing happens. We are then sealed with the Holy Spirit promised by God. We are reborn by the gift of the Holy Spirit and given power to lead a new life. We know that we have been reborn because we have a deep desire to follow Jesus. Trusting and following Jesus is the most blessed experience any of us will ever have.

Father, thank you so much we’re making the gospel so clear. I have heard the story of Jesus and I believe He is my Savior and Lord. I thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit who gives me the desire to lead a new life. Help me to hear His whisperings and to follow his directions. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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