This week at Warsaw Christian Church, 1/21 through 1/27/19

We will continue our sermon series on the Book of Acts. Thus Sunday, 1/27, we are in Acts 19. In verses 1-7 a very interesting discussion takes involving Paul and 12 “disciples.” These men believed the message of John the Baptist but had not heard the full story about Jesus. We will learn that a true Christian has received the Holy Spirit who changes us in three dramatic ways. The following Sunday (Feb. 3) we remain in Acts 19. I will be doing a first person sermon portraying Demetrius the silversmith.

Bible study on Wednesday takes us to the parable of laborers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16). A special thanks to Mark Simmons who filled in for me last week on short notice. This week’s parable seems to relate to the labor market, but the real meaning is spiritual. It tells us something important about the Kingdom of God. If you haven’t been coming to Bible study please know that all are welcome.

Richard Bowman, Pastor

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