Warsaw Christian Church, week of 2/4 thru 2/10

Wednesday Bible study (3:30) will feature a study of the familiar parable of the Prodigal Son. What I like about these Wednesday studies is the opportunity to hear from you. The back and forth discussion is very helpful, something we can’t do on Sunday morning. I wish more of you would come. You are invited!

We will continue our sermon series on the Book of Acts. We will be looking at several important truths that emerge from Chapter 20. 

Men’s group meets tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:00 for breakfast and a time of fellowship. All men are welcome/ The women’s group will meet Wednesday at 9:30 and again, all women are welcome. 

The men will be hosting a fellowship dinner next Sunday (2/10). Bring food to share. 

We really appreciate Bill and Jackie Barb for putting up a temporary railing on the ramp. It will make that ramp much safer while we wait for a permanent railing.  By the way, Jackie informed me Sunday that an anonymous donor or donors came forth to pay for the new steel railings costing $4384.81. Wow!  Whoever you are, a big thank you from the rest of us. 

Richard Bowman, Pastor

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