Warsaw Christian Church, week of 2-11 through 2-17

A few brave souls did show up Sunday. However, after arriving at church I realized that the parking lot, ramp, and sidewalks were treacherous. I suggested it would be safer to go home and church would be cancelled. I would have cancelled earlier had I known about the ice situation. By noon the ice was basically gone. It hit at just the wrong time. My apologies to those who made the trip to church yesterday. So, next Sunday will be what should have happened yesterday!

Wednesday Bible study (3:30) will feature a study of the familiar parable of the Prodigal Son. What I like about these Wednesday studies is the opportunity to hear from you. The back and forth discussion is very helpful, something we can’t do on Sunday morning. I wish more of you would come. You are invited!

We will continue our sermon series on the Book of Acts. We will be looking at several important truths that emerge from Chapter 20. 

The Valentines dinner which was iced out last week will be held this Sunday. The forecast looks a little better for this weekend. 

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