This week at Warsaw Christian Church, 3/11 through 3/17

Due to the death of Marie’s brother, William (Butch) Schreiman some things are a little uncertain for the Bowman’s this week. We will need to go to California sometime this week to settle Butch’s affairs. Marie was his only surviving relative.

However, we will have Bible study this Wednesday at 3:30 continuing the study of Jesus’ parables. We will examine the parable of the 10 minas in Luke 19:11-27. Choir practice will follow at 4:45.

My next sermon will be from the Book of Titus, Chapter 1 where Paul defines a Christian as a slave of Jesus Christ. Are you comfortable with the idea of being a slave? Paul turns this negative idea into something very positive. If I am in California this Sunday we will have a guest speaker.

I just heard that the new railing will be installed this week along the ramp.

Marie wants to thank everyone for your love and prayers during a difficult time. The loss of her brother was unexpected but we rejoice that he has gone to be with God.

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