This week at Warsaw Christian Church, 3/18 through 3/24

Marie and I will be here this week but will be leaving after church on 3/24 for Upland, CA. Marie has to finish up the estate of her deceased brother. We will have a few things to bring home in the SUV so we will be driving. Please pray that everything will go smoothly. After we return from California we have two events we will be attending in Illinois. April 5 and 6 is the Disciple Heritage Fellowship Conference at First Christian Church in Decatur. Then we move on to Morton, IL for the annual small church conference April 8-10. I will be back in the pulpit April 14 (Palm Sunday).

Wednesday Bible study at 3:30 will continue with the parables of Jesus. We will be examining the Parable of the Sower, seeking to answer the question, “What kind of soil am I?” We always enjoy lots of good discussion at Bible study. Each study stands alone so even if you haven’t been attending there is a place for you. Jack Salyer and Mark Simmons will be teaching the Bible studies while I am gone.

Choir will follow Bible study as we continue to work on the Easter cantata. Easter will be upon us soon!

Sunday’s sermon will be part 2 from the Book of Titus. In Chapter 2 we will continue examining what it means to be a mature Christian.

Marie and I will be gone the Sunday’s of March 31st and April 7th. Jack Salyer will bring the message on March 31st. Bill Siebert will be preaching on April 7.

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