Marie and I will be in Branson Monday thru Friday attending the Ozark Christian College Seniors Conference. On Sunday I will continue the series from 1 Peter on the topic, “Be Holy.” What does it mean to be holy, and what doesn’t it mean? How important is it to be holy in terms of our relationship with God?

Bible study on Wednesday at 3:30 will continue the study of the Sermon on the Mount with Jack Salyer leading the study.Choir is on hiatus until September. Thank you Marion and choir members for your dedicated service.

1st Peter will also be on hiatus for a few weeks as we observe Pentecost (June 9), Father’s Day (June 16), Mark Simmons will be preaching  June 23 while we are in Chicago celebrating the high school graduation of our grandson, Joshua Hoffman. Then Independence Sunday will be observed on June 30. Then, in July, back to First Peter. 
Also on June 9th we will enjoy our annual church picnic at the Bowman’s. If the weather is bad we will move the picnic to the church fellowship hall. 

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday. Pastor Bowman

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