June 9th is Pentecost Sunday. It is the day we celebrate the gift of the Holt Spirit to the church. The sermon will focus on the authentic marks of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit makes changes in our lives and we will be focusing on those basic changes. 

Following morning services we will head to the Bowman’s for our annual church picnic.  Dress casually for church and then all our invited to our house. Should the weather be bad we will have the picnic at the church in fellowship hall.  

If you were absent last Sunday you did not see the new, comfortable chairs we have obtained for fellowship hall. Thanks to one of our favorite members, A. Nonymous,  these chairs were provided at no cost to the church. Adult Sunday School has been moved into fellowship hall. 

Choir is off until September but Bible Study continues at 3:30 on Wednesday. In our study of the Sermon on the Mount we will be looking at Jesus relationship to the Old Testament. What did He mean when He said he came to fulfill the Law? I think it will be a very interesting lesson and discussion and of course, all are welcome. 

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