This Week at Warsaw Christian Church,7/1 thru 7/7

The sermon series from 1 Peter will resume this week. The series was interrupted by several special Sundays. This week is # 3 in the series. We will be examining the first few verses in Chapter 2 where Peter continues his discussion of what it means to be holy. True holiness involves a combination of negative and positive actions. We will see what these are and hopefully apply them to our lives.

We continue our study of the Sermon on the Mount in Bible study at 3:30 on Wednesday. We will be covering Matthew 6:1-14. Jesus talks about giving and prayer, especially the Lord’s Prayer. I will be teaching, but I always look forward to input from others.  We have some very good discussions. All are welcome, of course. 

Just a reminder to plan to join us on July 18th for a summer movie night. We will be viewing the true story of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, imprisoned because of his Christian faith by  the Romanian communist party for 14 years. It will serve to remind us of how blessed we are to live in the United States of America.  Bring food to share ; sandwiches provided. Eat at 5:30 with film to follow. 

Pastor Bowman

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