Warsaw Christian Church, week of 7/8 thru 7/14

Things are a little quieter in the summer. The FCM, FCW and choir do not meet again until September. Bible study continues at 3:30 on Wednesday with our continuing study of the Sermon on the Mount. Mark Simmons will be leading this week’s study. 

Sundays sermon will continue an examination of 1 Peter.Our focus will be on chapter 2:4-10 where we learn that Jesus changes everything! He changes those who trust in Him, and He changes God’s great program for the world. Well, God’s plan doesn’t really change. Jesus reveals how the ultimate plan of God changes with His coming. God’s plan reaches its fulfillment with the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. 

Just a reminder that our first summer movie night is next week, Thursday, July 18. Eat at 5:30, movie at 6. Details are in last weeks report. In this country we are free to worship God without fear. China is at the top of the list for countries that persecute Christians today. Also on the list are Iran, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and and host of smaller countries. Our film will focus on communist persecution of Christians after WW2 in Romania. It’s an eye opening film.

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