Warsaw Christian Church, 7/15 thru 7/21

We want to welcome Marion Keith into our fellowship. She has been our organist and choir director for several years and Sunday decided to become an official member. Welcome Marion!

Wednesday Bible study will continue our study of the Sermon on the Mount. We will be looking at one of the most misunderstood passages in the New Testament: “judge not.” What exactly does that mean?  I hope to throw some light on the subject at 3:30 
Then on Thursday we will have our first summer movie night. Eat sandwiches etc. at 5:30, film “Tortured for Christ” at 6. We will learn first hand what some Christians experience simply because they believe in Jesus. 

Next Sunday’s sermon will be a continuation of our study of First Peter. We will be examining   Chapter 2:11 through 3:9.  The theme will be on how Christians are to live their lives when we are visible to an unbelieving world. I hope to throw some light on the controversial passage which calls for wives to submit to their husbands. 

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