This Week at Warsaw Christian Church, 7/29 thru 8/4/19
On Wednesday at 3:30 we begin a new 6 week series om “How We Got The Bible”. We will view a 30 minute lecture by Dr.Timothy Paul Jones. The first session is entitled, “What’s so Special about the Bible?” Following the video lecture we will have a 30 minutes discussion period. The series will answer basic questions such as:
1. What makes the Bible unlike any other book?
2. What does it mean when we say the Bible is inspired and inerrant?
3. How the text of the Bible has been accurately preserved over the centuries.
4. How we know the New Testament is reliable.
….and other issues.

Sunday’s sermon will bring to completion our study of 1st Peter. We will be looking at chapter 4 and 5 where we learn of Peter’s parting words to the church.

Thanks to Char Daleske and friends for a wonderful dinner last Sunday. Thanks also to Norma Ard and Joyce Newell for providing special music Sunday. Their duet was outstanding!
Pastor Bowman

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