Warsaw Christian Church, Week of 8/5 thru 8/11

This Sunday I will begin a new series on the work of the Holy Spirit. This series will involve 7 or 8 sermons beginning with how the Holy Spirit works in the life of a non-Christian. I will also be speaking on the Holy Spirit’s work in conversion, how He builds Christian character, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I will not be touching on the doctrine of the Trinity. I assume all of you believe that the One true God exists eternally in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If requested, I am willing to add that topic to the series. 
Our Wednesday Bible study is off to a good start. The series featuring Dr. Timothy Paul Jones sharing a  30 minute video followed by a 30 minute discussion period will continue at 3:30 on Wednesday. This weeks’s topic is “How We  Got The Old Testament.” 
It is Official Board time again on Tuesday August 13th. at 6 PM. Watch for announcements concerning Choir, FCM and FCW resumption. September is not far away! 
Pastor Bowman

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