In my sermon series on the Holy Spirit last Sunday I made some comments about the gift of tongues. Because of time restraints I did not address all the issues concerning this gift. I do not want to take sermon time to address this issue further but I hope to answer some questions people have asked in an essay I am preparing which will be available on October 5th. If you would like a copy please let me know so I will have an idea regarding how many to print.

Marie and I will be leaving for a short vacation this week. On Thursday we are heading to Minneapolis to attend a reunion of my high school graduation class of 1954. It doesn’t seem possible that I graduated 65 years ago! The last time I checked about 50 of us are still alive and well and signed up to attend.

Sharing her faith this Sunday will be Justine Barb. Justine is not only a great basketball player for Skyline High School, she is also a strong Christian and we are very proud of her. I know you will be encouraged and inspired by her message.

I will be leading Wednesday’s Bible study at 3:30. I haven’t decided yet what to do. We are in the Book of Isaiah and I may continue that study. The second option is to have a study/discussion on the gift of tongues since there was some confusion about that issue after last Sunday. I will ask the group their preference.

Choir will follow Bible study at 4:45. We are very grateful for our small but loyal choir, and our director.

Looking ahead, the Cornwell Twins will be with us on October 13 to present a concert during the morning worship service. A fellowship dinner will follow the morning service.

Pastor Bowman

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