My 65th high school reunion was a bit of a let down. With 450 graduates I knew only a handful personally and none of my old friend were there. On the positive side we sat and visited with a wonderful Christian woman. I did not know her at good ole Washburn High, but Marie and I definitely made a new friend. We also enjoyed our visit to the Minneapolis Zoo.

Thanks to Justine Barb for sharing her faith Sunday. I have heard excellent reports on her message. With all the talk about bad teenagers we are blessed to have Justine, Jaylyn and Kamryn in our congregation. Our young people are few, but wonderful Christians.

This week the FCM meets tomorrow at 8 AM for their monthly breakfast and meeting. FCW meets on Wednesday at 9:30 AM. Wednesday Bible study meets at 3:30 PM. We will continue our study of the Book of Isaiah with Jack Salyer serving as leader.

Sunday’s sermon will continue our study of the Holy Spirit. We will be looking once again at spiritual gifts. We are considering putting this Holy Spirit series into a binder for further individual study. If you would like to have the entire series in a binder please let me or Marie know.

A reminder we are just a few weeks away from a visit from the Cornwell Twins. We are always blessed by their music. They will be with us on Oct. 13th. A fellowship dinner will follow.

Pastor Bowman

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