This Week at Warsaw Christian Church, Oct. 21-27

I got confused last week and led you astray concerning the Wednesday Bible Study. I thought we were on lesson 6. We did lesson 4 the previous week and I guess after 4 comes 6! I never was very good at math! Anyway, we will focus this week on Isaiah chapters 9 and 10. Last week we saw Isaiah’s amazing prophecy of the virgin birth of the Messiah. This week we encounter another wonderful prophecy concerning the coming Messiah.

Following Bible study the choir will rehearse,

On Reformation Sunday (October 27) I will be speaking on the nature of biblical faith. The reformers in the 16th century were very clear that salvation comes to us by faith alone. But what exactly is faith? The biblical definition differs from what some folks think. If we are saved by faith it goes without saying that we must have a clear understanding of the meaning of that word.

May you all have a wonderful week, and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Pastor Bowman

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